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Minimal and Moderate Sedation

All dentists or certified specialists who administer minimal or moderate sedation must comply with the requirements outlined in the most current version of CDSBC's Minimal and Moderate Sedation Services (non-hospital facilities) Standards (and related addendum).

Note: those who administer only minimal sedation do not need to register their sedation qualifications with CDSBC.

Moderate Sedation

CDSBC registers qualifications for three levels of moderate sedation:

  • Moderate – oral (two or more drugs)
  • Moderate – IV level 1 (one drug)
  • Moderate – IV level 2 (two drug)

You must advise the College of your intent to provide moderate sedation either in your own facility or as a visiting practitioner by emailing

Pediatric Moderate Sedation (Updated December 5, 2019)

Registrants may only administer moderate sedation (both oral and parenteral) to patients who are 12 years of age and under in out-of-hospital dental facilities when they:

  • Are qualified and authorized to provide deep sedation and/or general anaesthesia, or
  • Have completed training in a formal postgraduate program in pediatric dentistry that meets CDSBC Standards.

Practitioners who do not fall under these categories must cease provision of moderate sedation services to patients 12 years of age and younger. Registrants who do not meet the specific requirements but wish to provide moderate sedation to patients 12 years old and younger may submit their Registration of Qualifications for the Sedation & General Anaesthetic Services Committee's consideration by December 27, 2019.

More information is available here (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for dentists

    FAQ for certified dental assistants

    *Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification Examination offered by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.


    If you have questions, please email

    Pediatric Moderate Sedation

    As of Winter 2019, we have updated our Standards and Guidance on Pediatric Moderate Sedation.