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Steps for Retiring/Resigning Dentists

If you are retiring as a dentist, you must take the following steps to properly inform your patients and CDSBC of your retirement.

Step 1: Inform your patients

You must let your patients know that you are planning to retire. Provide patients with details about the future of the dental practice including:

  • whether the practice is being closed or sold to a new dentist
  • what will happen to their dental records
  • who will continue treatment for patients with planned or partially completed treatment or who have conditions that require monitoring

Step 2: Notify CDSBC

Dentist must complete the Retirement/Resignation from the College of Dental Surgeons of BC form (PDF) and email it to You will need to know the following:

  • The date you will be retiring
  • The location of your dental records

Note: During annual renewal, dentists who plan to retire must complete the online renewal process and choose the 'Retired/Resigned' option.

Step 3: Notify your insurer

Notify your malpractice/liability insurance provider of your retirement or resignation from the register. If you change your registration status, CPSPI will ask for confirmation. CDSBC cannot confirm this information until we have received your written notification.

Step 4: Update your contact information

CDSBC needs to have your up-to-date contact information. Former patients of retired dentists often contact the College for access to their dental records.

Step 5: Return prescription pads

Return all partially and fully unused prescription pads to CDSBC to be destroyed.

Step 6: Store your dental records

According to the Limitation Act, dentists are required to keep dental records for the designated retention time:

  • Records created on or after 1 June 2013 must be kept for 16 years from the date of last entry.
  • Records created before 1 June 2013 must be kept for 31 years from the date of last entry or until 1 June 2029 (whichever comes first).
  • Exceptions to the above guidelines apply to minors and persons under a disability.

For more information about 'Retention of Records' read CDSBC's Dental Recordkeeping Guidelines (PDF).

You will need to find a secure place to store any dental records that will not be forwarded to the patient's new dentist.


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