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Dental Therapist Bylaws

In 2013, the federal government transferred responsibility for the delivery of health services for B.C. First Nations from Health Canada to the new First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). The Ministry of Health asked CDSBC to regulate the dental therapists employed at the time in B.C. by Health Canada, and who work only in First Nations communities. The CDSBC Board approved the parameters under which dental therapists were brought under the auspices of CDSBC. 

Review the Board resolution and amended CDSBC bylaws (PDF) here.

Highlights of this initiative:

  • Dental therapists will be permitted to provide dental services only if they are employed by FNHA and only to First Nations community members
  • Dental therapists will work under the supervision and direction of a CDSBC-registered dentist in good standing;
  • Dental therapists will provide services in accordance with an appropriate scope of practice set by CDSBC, which will be developed in consultation with Health Canada, the Ministry of Health, FNHA and the dental therapists (scope to be developed over the coming weeks);
  • Dental therapists must comply with all continuing competency requirements established by CDSBC, and will be subject to the same inquiry and discipline processes;
  • Dental therapists will automatically cease to be registrants on ceasing to be employed by FNHA; and
  • This is an interim, short-term and time limited agreement with a sunset clause of March 2019.

For more information, please refer to the Dental Therapist FAQ.