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​New Criminal Record Check Process

As of 1 March 2017, you will no longer be required to submit your own CRC applications to the College. CDSBC will automatically submit CRC applications on behalf of registrants whose CRC is due to expire. Effective 2017/18, the annual renewal fee will include one fifth of the cost of a CRC and registrants will be asked to consent to a CRC as part of their annual renewal for the year their CRC expires. To learn more about the CRC process, click here.

Why did we change the process?

The main reason we changed the CRC process is to reduce the amount of work and hassle for both CDSBC staff and our registrants. Instead of sending out correspondence reminding registrants that their criminal record check is still incomplete, CDSBC will submit all the information that is collected at initial registration/certification or at annual renewal on registrants’ behalf, with payment for processing. By doing this, it will reduce processing time, frustration, and the amount of correspondence we send to you on a regular basis.

Click here for the Criminal Record Check FAQ >>