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​Criminal Record Checks

New applicants are required to undergo a criminal record check (CRC) upon initial registration/certification. All registrants of CDSBC are required to undergo a CRC every five years.

The CRC is a mandatory process required by law of registrants of professional regulatory bodies. Dentists, dental therapists, and CDAs who fail to comply with the criminal record check will not be eligible to register or renew their registration/certification. 

As of 1 March 2017, you will no longer be required to submit your own CRC applications to the College. CDSBC will automatically submit CRC applications on behalf of registrants whose CRC is due to expire. Effective 2017/18, the annual renewal fee will include one fifth of the cost of a CRC, and registrants will be asked to consent to a CRC as part of their online renewal for the year their CRC expires. For more information about the new process, click here.

Vulnerable Sector Check

The Criminal Records Review Program implemented the vulnerable sector (VS) check in November 2013, which requires fingerprints from applicants who share a date of birth and gender with a pardoned sex offender. If you are required to complete the VS check, please inform CDSBC staff so that we are aware of the delay. For more information, click here.

For more information on the criminal record check, read our Criminal Record Check FAQ.

Criminal Record Check Process

  1. All of the information required by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General to process a CRC has been collected by CDSBC at the time of initial registration/certification and/or annual renewal.
  2. The year that your current CRC expires you will be asked, in your online annual renewal forms, to provide consent for release of information for the CRC application.
  3. Payment will also be collected ($28 for new applicants, $5.60 each year for existing registrants).
  4. CDSBC will forward the consent and payment to the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.
  5. The Ministry will process the criminal record check.
    • If you are required to complete the vulnerable sector check, you are responsible to follow through with this request. Please inform CDSBC staff so that we are aware of the delay.
    • If a relevant offence is found, a notice of adjudication will be sent to CDSBC and it will be examined if the applicant or registrant poses a risk to children and vulnerable adults.
  6. CDSBC is informed when your CRC is cleared.
  7. If the Deputy Registrar determines that a risk exists, the applicant/registrant, CDSBC, and employer are informed. CDSBC will take action in accordance with the Health Professions Act.

For more information on the new criminal record check process, click here.


Please email or call 604-736-3621 (toll free 1-800-663-9169).