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Transferring your Certification

Transfer to practising

For CDAs who want to transfer to practising certification. If you are transfering from temporary to practising you must provide a copy of your NDAEB certificate.

Application Package for Transfer from Temporary to Practising Certification

Transfer from non-practising to practising

For non-practising CDAs who have held non-practising certification for no more than three years, have complied with their last 5 year criminal record check, and have met the Quality Assurance requirements of:

Application Package for Transfer from Non-Practising to Practising Certification

Reinstating your Certification

 To reinstate when your certification has been lapsed for MORE than 60 days, you must:

  1. ensure that you meet the Quality Assurance requirements for continuing education and continuous practice
  2. complete the Application Package for Reinstatement of Certification (PDF)
  3. pay the applicable reinstatement and certification fees

The requirements for CDAs returning to practice are available here >>

If you are unsure whether you meet these requirements, you may contact Leslie Riva, Senior Manager, CDA Certification and Quality Assurance, at You can also contact the College by phone at 604-736-3621 (toll free in B.C. 1-800-663-9169).