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Improving the Quality Assurance Program


Public and governmental expectations of health profession colleges are higher than ever, including the assumption that robust quality assurance (QA) programs are developed and maintained to ensure the public is well-served by competent health professionals.

These programs are put in place to promote life-long learning and continuous improvement necessary for registrants to stay current in a changing health care environment and provide the best possible level of care for their patients in their chosen area of practice.

The CDSBC Board is aware that the thinking around building competence within the profession has evolved in the many years since our initial QA program was established. As a result, it directed the QA Committee to establish a working group that has initiated work on a revised QA program.

The Board, while not prescribing any specific elements, has asked the group to research and develop a comprehensive plan that would:

  • promote career-long hands-on learning
  • encourage collaborative discourse amongst colleagues
  • improve treatment outcomes for patients

The QA working group, composed of practicing dentists, CDAs, members of the public and CDSBC support staff, recognize that this will be a challenging initiative and will require a high level of engagement with all registrants and stakeholders. To this end, it will also provide an opportunity for the working group to implement the College's new policy development process, which will enhance ongoing communication and consultation with registrants through each stage of the process.



Next Steps

The next step is an initial consultation to consider input from registrants and stakeholders. There will be consultation opportunities over the coming months and feedback received will help inform the draft program. Learn how to get involved below >>

Following the initial consultation, the working group will develop a draft QA program for the Board. After it is approved by the Board, the proposed program will be put forward for public consultation.

Get Involved 

We want to hear from you. The College will be hosting a number of consultative opportunities about the proposed updates to the QA program over the next year.

Upcoming Consultations

Listening Sessions
These sessions are an opportunity to have input on key initiatives including the Quality Assurance program.

Webinars – Coming soon!
We will be hosting online webinars to consult with registrants across the province. Stay tuned for webinar dates and times.


Your input will help inform the enhanced Quality Assurance program. We will be sharing the feedback we receive throughout the process. Read feedback on the enhanced QA program below:

Victoria Listening Session - Participant Input Report (PDF)

Surrey Listening Session - Participant Input Report (PDF)

Research & Resources

There are a wide range of approaches to quality assurance across different jurisdictions and professions. Click the link below for examples of other health professions' quality assurance programs and resources from experts in QA.

QA program research and resources >>