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​​​​Continuous Practice Requirement

Dentists, dental therapists and CDAs must achieve the following minimum number of practice hours in the preceding three years (2017, 2018, 2019) in order to renew their 2020/21​ registration/certification as a practising dentist, dental therapist or CDA:

​Dentist​900 hours
​CDA​600 hours
​Dental Therapist​900 hours

Acceptable continuous practice hours include the provision of clinical dental treatment, clinical dental consultation (dentists only), employment as a dental educator​ or dental researcher, or enrollment in a dental education program.

In order to fulfill this requirement, a CDA must perform the restricted activities that a CDA may perform under the CDSBC Bylaws. If you work in both an administrative and clinical capacity, you should keep track of your clinical hours for your records. Dental reception hours are not eligible for your continuous practice requirement.

Calculating your continuous practice hours

To meet the continuous practice requirement, dentists and dental therapists must work approximately 25 hours per month, and CDAs must work approximately 17 hours per month (over a three-year period).

You are responsible for keeping track of your own yearly hours, and will be asked to report them during your annual renewal.

The table below may assist with calculating the hours you have worked. These calculations are based on working an 8-hour day for 48 weeks per year.

​Days worked per week​1-year total​3-year total
​1​384 hours​1152 hours
​2​768 hours ​2304 hours
​3​1152 hours​3456 hours
​4​1536 hours​4608 hours
​5​1920 hours​5760 hours

Insufficient practice hours

If you do not meet the continuous practice requirement you may submit documentation outlining what you propose to do to demonstrate competency.

Learn more about your options in our FAQs >>

CDAs returning to practice

There is an outline of the QA requirements for CDAs who are returning to practice after an extended period of time away.

The requirements for CDAs returning to practice are available here >>