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​​Continuing Education Submission

The CE submission process must be completed in its entirety by the Registrant. You may not delegate this task and if you are not the named registrant, you must not complete this process, in whole or in part, on behalf of the registrant.

It is your ethical responsibility to ensure that all reporting of CE credits is accurate. Failure to do so is a breach of CDSBC’s Code of Ethics and could be subject to disciplinary action by the College.

Registrants are encouraged to review the eligibility criteria for continuing education credits, which is available here​.

Submit CE credits online

How to submit your CE credits online:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Under the Continuing Education section – select 'Submit CE Credits'
  3. Fill in the required information (with the *). Use the pink buttons to navigate through the system. Note: for 'Sponsor' fill in the name of the organization that put on the course or the name of the course instructor.
  4. Submit proof of course completion – upload a file (PDF, JPG or TIF format).

There are a number of ways you can upload your proof of course completion:

  • Scan - you can scan your certificate of completion on to your computer
  • Take a picture - you can take a picture of your certificate and upload it
  • ​Download - you may have been sent a digital certificate or are able to download a PDF certificate/list of completed courses from the website
  • Take a screenshot - you can take a screenshot (a picture of your desktop or device screen) of a website that displays proof of completion. If you don't know how to take a screenshot try searching instructions for your computer or device online.
Please note that we no longer have a CE fax number and all credits should be submitted online.

Tip for submitting credits: Use your smartphone

You can log in to your personal account and submit credits from your smartphone or tablet. If you have a certificate from your course, an easy way to submit your proof of course completion is by taking a picture of the certificate with your device and uploading it directly on to the website!

Credit eligibility will be determined after your CE credits are submitted. Pending credits on your CE transcript may indicate that more supporting documentation is required to determine eligibility. If your credits do not appear on your transcript within 4 weeks, or if you have questions about pending credits on your transcript, contact CDSBC for assistance.

Note: Due to a high volume of submissions it is currently taking four to six weeks to process submissions.

Submit CE credits using a form

If you are not able to submit online, complete the appropriate CE credit submission form (and include any supporting documents) and send it to