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​Trade Names

Any time a dentist or dental practice uses a name that is not their registered legal name, they are using a trade name. The College does not require registrants to seek approval of trade names for dental practices. (This was formalized by the Board in 2016 and more information is available on the public consultation page). 

BC Corporate Registry request for consent

The College will provide consent to requests from the BC Corporate Registry regarding trade names based on two criteria:

  1. The applicant is a registrant and entitled to use dentistry-related words in the trade name; and
  2. The trade name is in compliance with Part 12 of CDSBC's Bylaws (PDF)*.

*Since a trade name is considered to be a form of advertising and promotional activity, it must comply with CDSBC's Code of Ethics (PDF) and Part 12 of CDSBC's Bylaws (PDF).

Billing under a trade name

Patients should not be billed for dental services under the trade name alone – the dentist’s proper name or the dental corporation name should be clearly indicated on all invoices.

Practice facility signage

All dentists are required to conspicuously display their proper name or if applicable, their dental corporation name, on a sign at their practice. This is particularly important in group practice settings to ensure the public can easily identify the dentists who provide services at the practice. A trade name should not be used on its own to conduct the practice of dentistry.


Read the instructions for dentists intending to practise under a corporation name.