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​Sedation and Anaesthesia

All general dentists and certified specialists administering sedation and general anaesthesia must adhere to the requirements outlined in CDSBC’s relevant standards and guidelines.

Notice of Moratorium re: short-course format for pediatric moderate sedation

At the 25 November 2016 meeting, the College Board placed a moratorium on new applications to register credentials to provide moderate pediatric sedation (patients 12 years and under) for dentists who have learned the modality in a short-course format (i.e. less than one year). This moratorium takes effect immediately and will be in place for one year to allow the Sedation Committee time to conduct an analysis and make its recommendations on the safety of this modality.

Please note: this does not affect the status for dentists already recognized by CDSBC to provide moderate pediatric sedation.

Read the Moratorium >>


Minimal and Moderate Sedation Services Standards and Guidelines

  • For a brief overview of the requirements, please see our summary table (PDF). Note that facilities providing parenteral (IV) moderate sedation must be registered with CDSBC and will be informed when facility inspections will begin.
  • These standards and guidelines were revised in June 2016. For more details, please see our list of changes (PDF).
  • December 2016 addendum to Minimal and Moderate Sedation Services Standards and Guidelines *Updated 16 May 2017: extended deadline to adhere to
    the requirement for capnography or pretracheal stethoscope in Moderate Sedation Services Facilities

Deep Sedation Standards and Guidelines

General Anaesthesia (GA) Standards and Guidelines

Register your sedation qualifications / apply for facility authorization

General dentists and certified specialists who intend to provide moderate sedation, deep sedation or general anaesthesia must have their qualifications approved by CDSBC. 

Facilities where deep sedation and/or general anaesthesia will be administered must first be inspected and authorized. 

Learn about the sedation modalities, how to register your sedation qualifications, and how to apply for facility authorization >>


Learn more about sedation and anaesthesia here. If you have questions, please contact