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Patient-Centred Care and the Business of Dentistry​

The practice of dentistry is changing and so are the economic realities of the profession. This has given rise to new business models that are challenging the traditional ways dentistry has operated. This has become known as the "corporatization of dentistry."

Even as the profession evolves, what cannot change is the focus on the patient. Patient-centred care is defined as care that "is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and [that ensures] patient values guide all clinical decisions."


Patient-Centred Care and the Business of Dentistry 

Key points

This document address the inherent ethical challenges of the dual role of a dentist as a treating healthcare professional and as a business person.

It includes seven principles that reinforce patient-centred care – the principles articulate the conduct expected of registrants, reinforce owners'/ managers' accountability for the conduct of their practices, and are broad enough to apply to all practice arrangements. They are intended to supplement, not subsume, the Health Professions Act and CDSBC’s Code of Ethics.