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​Dispensing of Non-Prescription Medication by Certified Dental Assistants

Since the Standards and Guidelines for Minimal and Moderate Sedation was published in May 2014, CDSBC has received questions about whether or not Certified Dental Assistants are allowed to dispense medication.

In response, the CDA Advisory Committee drafted the document, Dispensing of Non-Prescription Medication by Certified Dental Assistants. This document outlines when dentists are allowed to delegate and supervise CDAs in the dispensing of medication.


Dispensing of Non-Prescription Medications by Certified Dental Assistants

Key Points

  • Dentists may not delegate the administration or dispensing of drugs specified in Schedule 1, 1A or 2 of the Drug Schedules Regulation.

  • Dentists may delegate and supervise the dispensing of non-prescription drugs (drugs other than Schedule 1, 1A and 2) to a CDA provided they follow the requirements set out in the document.