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Advertising and Promotional Activities

CDSBC posted draft amendments to Part 12 of its bylaws dealing with advertising and promotional activities. The consultation period closed on 12 July 2017. Visit the consultation page to read the proposed changes >>

Advertising for dental services is increasing, as are the channels for advertising. The Board approved the revised Bylaw 12, which outlines the parameters for advertising and promotional activities for dentists, dental therapists and CDAs. The Ethics Committee has produced Interpretive Guidelines to accompany the revised bylaw and provide guidance for registrants.


Transition Period

The deadline for registrants to bring their promotional material into compliance with the revised bylaw is 1 January 2017.

During the transition period, the bylaw will not be enforced for advertisement and promotional activities created prior to 12 October 2015 and which complies with the previous bylaw. New promotional material must comply with the revised bylaw.

Key points

CDSBC posted revisions to Part 12 of its bylaws on Advertising and Promotional Activities for consultation. As a result, the bylaws were fully revised and submitted for a second round of consultation. The revised bylaws were approved by the Board at the 5 June 2015 board meeting and were filed with the Ministry of Health. The new bylaws came into force
12 October 2015.

Here are the key elements from the approved bylaws:

  • requirement for dentists to identify in their advertising whether they are general dentists or specialists
  • restrictions on how registrants can refer to their non-dental degrees and continuing education courses
  • prohibition on the advertising of free or discounted services and rewards programs, which may induce the public to seek unnecessary treatments or procedures
  • preservation of the ability to provide pro-bono services to those in need
  • requirement to clearly identify the names of registrants who own and/or provide services or derive income at a dental office