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​​Blood-Borne Pathogen Policy

The Blood-Borne Pathogen Policy addresses CDSBC’s requirements for registrants who are infected/affected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.

Read the CDSBC Blood-Borne Pathogen Policy (PDF).

The policy encourages a safe working environment and maximizes the use of measures to prevent blood-borne viral transmission to patients. The determining factor between what actions a registrant must take and whether they can safely practise is whether they are providing, or assisting with, “exposure-prone” procedures.

In the event of a registrant-to-patient blood exposure during an exposure-prone procedure, both the registrant and the patient should be tested for blood-borne viruses, and the registrant must immediately file a Critical Incident Report with CDSBC. This applies to all CDSBC registrants.

CDSBC also has a policy statement on the Treatment of Patients Living with HIV/AIDS (PDF).