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​​​Professional Practice

​​Note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, interim guidance for registrants has been created and is available here: /​. Please refer to that page for up-to-date information about expectations for registrants during this time. 

CDSBC has many publications designed to support you in your professional practice. This section of the website provides information to help you manage your dental practice.

Your responsibilities with respect to other topics such as patient records, dismissing a patient, dental emergencies, use of Botox® and all of CDSBC’s Standards and Guidelines can be found under the “Professional Practice” heading in the CDSBC Library.

The College's two core documents for all registrants are the Code of Ethics (PDF) and Standards of Practice (PDF).

Standards & Guidelines
Standards & Guidelines inform practitioners and the public of CDSBC’s expectations for registrants.
Advertising and promotional activities
The standards of ethical conduct expected of all CDSBC registrants extends to promotional activities and advertising.
Incorporating your dental practice
Dentists are required to get approval from CDSBC before practising dentistry under a corporation name.
Applying for a trade name
Dentists who wish to use a trade name for their practice facility should obtain name consent from CDSBC.

The CDSBC Bylaws are the rules that govern the management of the College and its registrants >>