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Dentist Manual

The dentist manual is an important resource for dentists and CDAs new to the College. The manual includes standards and guidelines that provide essential information about regulatory requirements. Registrants are required to be familiar with these documents.

Inside the Dentist Manual

Information about the regulatory body for dentists, dental therapists and CDAs

Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
Current standards of practice and code of ethics for registrants

Public protection
Information about the complaint and discipline process

Registration and Renewal
Requirements for registration and annual renewal

Quality Assurance
Continuing education and continuous practice resources

Professional Practice
Useful resources for your dental practice

Standards and guidelines
Standards and guidelines inform practitioners and the public of CDSBC's expectations for registrants. Registrants are required to know these documents.

Sedation Standards
Standards required for dentists and certified specialists who administer sedation

Information Sheets
Topical resources containing essential information for registrants

HPA, Bylaw and Regulations
Components involved in the regulation of dentistry in B.C.

​Dentist Manual
​About CDSBC
Volunteer Application Form
Annual Report
​Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
Standards of Practice
Code of Ethics
​Public Protection
​Complaints and Discipline Information Sheet
How to Avoid Complaints
What to do if you get a complaint
Registration and Renewal
​Annual renewal
Criminal record checks
Sedation and Anaesthesia requirements
​Quality Assurance
Continuing Education Requirements
CE Credit Submission Form

Continuous Practice requirements
​Professional Practice
Bylaw 12 Interpretive Guidelines Advertising and Promotional Activities
Guide to CDA Services
Dental Emergencies Resource Package (dentists)
Dental Emergencies Resource Package (patients)
Duplicate Prescription Pad form 
​Standards and Guidelines
​Boundaries in the Practitioner-Patient Relationship
Clinical Practice Guidelines for Oral Cancer
Dental Radiography Standards and Guidelines
Dental Recordkeeping Guidelines
Dispensing of Non-Prescription Drugs by CDAs
Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines
         IPAC wall poster
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Standards and Guidelines
Patient-Centred Care and the Business of Dentistry
Prescribing and Dispensing Drugs Standards and Guidelines
​Sedation Standards
​General Anaesthetic Services
Deep Sedation Services
Minimal and Moderate Sedation Services
         Summary Table
​Information Sheets
Botox /Schedule 1 Drugs
Blood-Borne Pathogens Policy
Building the Dentist-Patient Relationship
Confidentiality Clauses in Settlement Agreements
Dismissing a Patient – Practical and Ethical Concerns
Proper Use of the VELscope in Dentistry
​HPA, Bylaws and Regulations
HPA Overview
Health Professions Act
CDSBC Bylaws
Dentist Regulation
Health Professions General Regulation
​Updated 16 March 2017
The dentist manual is updated as new resources are published.