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​Update December 15, 2016

The Board approved the proposed changes at the June 11, 2016 board meeting. Read more about dental trade names here >>

This consultation ended October 17, 2016

Notice of Consultation Regarding Dental Practice Trade Names ​

Posted August 31, 2016

Any time a dentist or dental practice uses a name that is not their registered legal name, they are using a trade name. Trade names are a form of advertising and are addressed in Part 12.15 of Bylaw 12 – Advertising and Promotional Activities. The College’s role is to ensure compliance with Bylaw 12 and to protect the public from being misled by non-registrants who may attempt to market themselves using dentistry related terms.

While the College is occasionally called upon to adjudicate copyright or trademark disputes, we are not the appropriate body to do so. The Board is therefore proposing to change the way the College addresses trade names and has approved the following revised process for public consultation:

  • The College will discontinue its current practice and will no longer require registrants to seek its approval of trade names for dental practices.
  • The College will continue to provide consent to requests from the BC Corporate Registry based on two criteria being met:
    • The applicant is a registrant and entitled to use dentistry-related words in the trade name; and
    • The trade name is in compliance with Bylaw 12.
  • The College will continue to regulate trade names through enforcing Bylaw 12.

Beginning in January 2017, a new complaints form specific to Advertising and Promotional Activities will be used to handle trade names that violate Bylaw 12. Issues related to names being perceived as too similar will no longer be investigated by the College.

Next Steps

The College would like to hear from registrants on this change.

We reviewed and considered all feedback received by October 17, 2016.

By email

Include "Trade Names" in the subject line

​​By mail

Registrar's Office
College of Dental Surgeons of BC
500 – 1765 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver B.C. V6J 5C6