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Online Complaint Submission

CDSBC receives and investigates complaints about the conduct and competence of its registrants. "Registrants" include dentists, dental therapists, and certified dental assistants (CDAs) in British Columbia.

Before you begin, please note that CDSBC is not able to:

  • Pay money to a complainant
  • Order a registrant to give a refund or pay any amount of money to a complainant or another registrant, i.e., become involved in a fee dispute or award damages
  • Order a registrant to provide a certain treatment to a complainant
  • Provide dental advice or dental treatment, or refer complainants to a new registrant
  • Give legal advice or help in a lawsuit against a registrant
  • Address business disputes

If you think you have been harmed through treatment provided by a dentist, dental therapist or CDA and you are seeking compensation CDSBC recommends also speaking with a lawyer. Such claims are resolved through the legal process, not CDSBC’s complaint process.

Before you begin your complaint submission, please review the Complaints Process: Public FAQ, and our overview of How a Complaint is Resolved.