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​​​​​​​2020/21 Renewal Fe​​​e

December 2019

Registrants will be able to renew their registration with CDSBC using the online system beginning January 9, 2020. We are sharing this notice of the proposed 2020/21 renewal fee increases, which have been submitted to the Ministry of Health for filing (January 2020 update: these were filed and came into force on December 31, 2019).

The College's 2020/21 budget was approved by the Board at its November 2019 meeting. The fee schedule for 2020/21 is available here (PDF), and has been incorporated into CDSBC’s bylaws (as Schedule E of the Bylaws). The schedule includes the following increases for CDSBC registrants:


​​$35 for dentists holding registration as general dentists, certified specialists, restricted to specialty and academic

​Dental Therapists

$15 for practising dental therapists

​Certified Dental Assistants

$5 for practising CDAs

There will be a 5% increase for those registrants in all other registration categories (a detailed breakdown of fees for each category is available in Schedule E).

​Why your fees are going up

The fee increase is in response to two major factors:

  1. The first is the impact of the Action Plan developed in response to the Minister’s directive of April 2019 on the 2020/21 budget. Delivering on the commitments of the Action Plan will require increased staff capacity in a number of departments, as well as an increase in the budget for contracted expertise.
  2. The second driver for the increase is general trends related to the enforcement of the Health Professions Act (HPA) through CDSBC's Inquiry and Discipline processes. There has been a noticeable rise in costs related to resolving complaint files due to an increase in the number and complexity of complaints being submitted to the College, and an increased demand for external legal services for hearings related to matters of urgent public protection (Section 35 of the HPA).

While the College is able to draw on healthy reserves to carry us through unexpected expenses from year to year, the upward trend in costs and the changing landscape of regulation have made the need for a fee increase apparent. Staff will continue to be proactive in keeping costs as low as possible to mitigate fee increases in the future.

Why most dentists pay two fee​​s at renewal

At renewal in 2020, dentists in most classes registered with the College will pay two fees when renewing their registration. Dentists in all registration categories except for Limited (education; armed services and government), Limited (post-graduate), Limited (research), Limited (volunteer) and Non practising, will pay fees to both the CDSBC and the British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA). For renewal in 2020, the fee breakdown is as follows:​

CDSBC $1,633 ​
BC Dental Association $1,800* 

Total $3,433​

The BCDA will reimburse the College $189,700 (plus applicable taxes) for the costs associated with the collection of the amount equivalent to the BCDA membership fee at renewal and registration.

*The fine print about dentist renewal fe​​es

Membership in the BCDA is not mandatory for registration with the College; however, an amount equivalent to the BCDA membership fee is required and is collected per the Board's discretionary power to do so provided in the CDSBC Bylaws section 3.09, which states that "…the college may collect from dentists an amount equivalent to the annual fees of an association, whether or not the dentist is a member of the association, provided that the board and the association execute a written agreement to this effect."

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) is a federation of Canada’s provincial and territorial dental associations and, as such, dentists are not members. However, the BCDA transfers a portion of the equivalent fees received from registrants of CDSBC, to the CDA such that individual members of the association have access to the CDA’s programs and services. ​