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Oct 05
Looking Forward

My name is Dr. Don Anderson and I am your new President of the College of Dental Surgeons of BC.

I welcome you to my first blog. 

Of my 42 years in practice, I have spent 30 of those years as a volunteer for various regulatory committees of our College. I have chaired the Peer Review, Consent Disposition and the Court of Inquiry Committees. Many changes have happened to the College and our profession over my career. The Dentistry Act has been replaced by the Health Professions Act (HPA). Dentistry has become much more complicated.  Similarly, the regulation of our Profession has become more complicated. Under my watch as a committee chair, the registrants who were not practising to the standards of the day were regulated by fine and/or suspension. The focus now is more on rehabilitation than the punitive nature of the years prior to the HPA.

What I have learned over the last year is that the dentists of this province have a desire to know what is happening at the earliest stages of policy development. It is my hope that this blog will represent a direct connection between our College Board who develops policy and the registrants who are affected by policy decisions. This change to a more open and transparent College is a positive change in culture and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you on a regular basis.

I wish to travel to each of the component society districts to listen to the concerns of the registrants. Although it is not our role to develop policies via consensus of the registrants, I believe it is necessary for the College Board to be aware of how policy decisions can affect the delivery of care to the public. The overwhelming role of the College is to protect the public. This is the hat that I now wear.

Early engagement of the dentists, dental therapists, CDAs, and the public hopefully will allow for more effective policy decisions and lessen possible conflict. I wish to begin my term of office listening to the registrants. This will be my focus as I travel around the province. The information gained will be given to the Board and Committees who shape policy. 

It's my hope that my blog will give registrants and the public a current view of what is happening within the College. I look forward to hearing from you about the issues that concern you at

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