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CDSBC Award Nominations Process

The purpose of CDSBC's Awards Program is to recognize long-standing volunteers for their important contributions to the College.

2019 Awards Nominations form (pdf fillable)

Deadline for submitting nominations for the 2019 CDSBC Awards is 28 September 2018.

Nomination and Application Process

  • A formal application must be filled out to be eligible for consideration (should include biographical or background information about the nominee reflecting their contribution to CDSBC)
  • Nominations will be considered by the Awards Committee as long as the nomination form is received before deadline
  • Awards Committee members may nominate individuals, but must follow the formal nomination process
  • Each year, Awards Committee will contact the CDSBC Board Chair and Committee Chairs, providing them with a copy of the awards criteria and inviting them to nominate Board members, Committee members, working group members and others, to determine a long list of potential nominees
  • The names of all Board, committee and working group members who have served CDSBC for at least two years will be forwarded to the Committee for consideration

Award Categories

Award of Merit - Recognizes significant contributions to CDSBC, beyond basic participation.

Distinguished Service Award - Recognizes outstanding and broad contributions to CDSBC over an extended period of time.

Honoured Member Award - Recognizes remarkable, broad-based contributions to CDSBC over a sustained period of time, having significant impact on CDSBC. This award may be for service that is provincial, national or international in nature that affected CDSBC.

Special Group Award - Recognizes groups who have made valuable contributions to the practice or profession of dentistry through involvement with CDSBC. It may be awarded to a group that has gone above and beyond basic volunteer participation to complete a special project or noteworthy task.

Awards Eligibility

  • Nominees do not need to be registrants or certificants of CDSBC
  • Nominated dentists or certified dental assistants must be in good standing
  • Individuals should not receive more than one award per year (group awards are exempt)
  • Awards are not required to be progressive; each category has its own criteria and it is not necessary to receive “prerequisite” awards

Awards policy