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Strategic Plan

The College’s strategic plan lays out our mission statement and mandate, core values and vision, and our organizational goals.

Our mission

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC regulates dentists, dental therapists and certified dental assistants in the public interest. It does so by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing the competent and ethical practice of these dental practitioners.

Our mandate

CDSBC establishes entry to practice, certification and registration requirements; establishes, monitors, and regulates standards of practice, guidelines for continuing practice and ethical requirements for all dentists, dental therapists and certified dental assistants; and establishes and administers processes for the management of complaints and discipline.

Our vision

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC is a leading healthcare regulator, promoting and supporting optimal health through excellence in dentistry.

Our values

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC is trusted because:

  • We act ethically, fairly and with integrity
  • We are communicative and transparent
  • We are objective and impartial
  • We are accountable

Our goals

  1. CDSBC will fulfill regulatory responsibilities in a fair, transparent and effective manner
  2. CDSBC will continue to improve professionalism and practice standards of dentists, dental therapists and certified dental assistants
  3. CDBSC will identify and promote collaborative and productive relationships with key organizations and stakeholders
  4. CDSBC will maintain a commitment to organizational excellence

More information on our strategic plan and activities can be found in our annual reports.

CDSBC is governed by an 22-member Board that includes dentists, CDAs, and members of the public appointed by the provincial government.

Over 80 volunteers work on 12 committees to do important work on the College's behalf.