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​CDSBC Bylaws

The CDSBC Bylaws are the rules that govern the management of the College and its registrants. The bylaws provide the framework for our day-to-day operations, including the duties and responsibilities of the governing board, committees and the Registrar; qualifications for registration; and the regulation of professional conduct, quality assurance, corporations, and ethics.

Download the CDSBC Bylaws (consolidated August 2016)

Changes since August 2016

Changes published for consultation

The bylaws are dynamic and occasionally updated by the College. Any changes must be consulted upon and approved by the CDSBC Board, before being filed with the Ministry of Health. ​

Current bylaw consultations open to registrants and the public:

Notice of 2017/18 Schedule "F" Fees

Schedule "F" includes the registration, renewal, corporate, sedation and administrative fees for the current fiscal year.