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CDSBC President Dr. Don Anderson is blogging about his experiences and thoughts on College initiatives and activities.

In Memory of Jessica Anderson

31 March 2017

I am writing this post with sadness in my heart. My daughter Jessica (38 years old) took her own life in our home on January 28 of this year. Jessica has had a long history of depression. Jessica's first attempt at suicide was at 15 years old. At age 25, she again attempted suicide. Jessica has spent the last five years of her life with Penny and me with daily expressions of love and laughter. We thought that she was in a good place, but alas, that was not so...

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24 January 2017

I have been furthering my interest in the topics of wellness and addiction since I last wrote about them in October (see Depression, Addiction and Dentistry)...
Priorities for Sedation
16 January 2017

This fall we heard the terrible story of the sedation incident with young Amber Atwal in Edmonton. This child had a general anaesthetic (GA) sedation procedure provided by a dentist, after which she suffered a brain injury...
Depression, Addiction and Dentistry
28 October 2016

Today I'd like to discuss a couple of specific wellness issues that are important to me and that we sadly see too often in dentistry...

Looking Forward
5 October 2016

My name is Dr. Don Anderson and I am your new President of the College of Dental Surgeons of BC. I welcome you to my first blog. Of my 42 years in practice, I have spent 30 of those years as a volunteer for various regulatory committees...