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​​​​​​Board Meetings

Meetings are held four times a year, usually in the months of September, November, February and June. Regular meetings of the CDSBC Board are open to the public. They are typically followed by an in camera session (closed to the public).

Board Highlights and Board Minutes can be found in the CDSBC Library under the "Board and Governance" heading.

Public and registran​t participation​

As a health regulator working in the public interest, CDSBC invites participation from members of the public and from registrants (dentists, dental therapists and certified dental assistants). Learn More >>

​Upcoming Board meeting​

Friday, November ​15, 2019
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Terminal City Club, Skidmore Room, Level 2
837 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C.

If you wish to participate in person as an observer, please​ RSVP to Nancy Crosby, Manager of the CEO's Office, at by 7 November.

Board meeting schedule

​Spring 2020 - to be determined​8:30am - 4:30pm​Terminal City Club, Vancouver
​Saturday June 13​​8:30am - 4:30pm​​Terminal City Club, Vancouver


Observing a Board Meeting

All observers will be asked to sign in.

Participation in discussions during the meeting is limited to Board members, the Registrar/CEO, and College staff who may be present at the invitation of the Board.

Observers have an opportunity to address the Board through online submission and in person at a board meeting.

Please submit your online question(s) to the Board at least three days prior to a meeting using our Board Question Submission form. We cannot respond to questions or comments about patient complaints or individual registrants due to confidentiality, privacy and legal requirements.

For more information, please see our Public and Registrant Participation Policy. ​

We ask all observers to respect the format of this business meeting and to refrain from speaking to other observers or participants while the meeting is in progress.

Confidential agenda items will be discussed during the in camera (closed session) of the Board meeting. Observers are not permitted in the in camera session.

Presenting at a Board Meeting

The Board may, at its discretion, allow presentations at Board meetings. If you wish to make a presentation at a future meeting of the CDSBC Board, please contact Nancy Crosby at

Past Board Meetings

View the meeting packages and board minutes for past board meetings.

Board Highlights and Board Minutes from previous meetings can be found in the CDSBC Library under the "Board and Governance" heading.