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The 2018-19 CDSBC Board and Registrar (from left to right). Back row: Dr. Mark Spitz, Dr. Heather Davidson PhD, Dr. Masoud Saidi, Dr. Richard Busse, Ms. Cathy Larson, Mr. Gurdeep Bains, Ms. Barb Hambly, Mr. Oleh Ilnyckyj, Dr. Lynn Stevenson PhD, Dr. Jeff Coil, Ms. Dianne Doyle, Dr. Doug Conn, Ms. Dorothy Jennings, Mr. Neal Steinman. Front row: Mr. Carl Roy, Dr. Kenneth Chow, Dr. Patricia Hunter, Dr. Chris Hacker (Acting Registrar), Dr. Peter Lobb (President), Ms. Sabina Reitzik, Dr. Dustin Holben. Missing from photo: Dr. Deborah Battrum, Ms. Sabine Feulgen, Ms. Shirley Ross.

The Board is the governing, policy-making body of CDSBC. The CDSBC Board has 23 members: 10 dentists, two certified dental assistants (CDAs), and 11 public members.

The 10 dentists are elected as follows:

  • Three elected by dentists to the positions of President, Vice-President and Treasurer;
  • One certified specialist elected by certified specialists;
  • One UBC Faculty of Dentistry member elected by the University.
  • Five elected by dentists in the designated electoral districts: District 1 (Fraser Valley);
    District 2 (North); District 3 (Southern Interior); District 4 (Vancouver); and
    District 5 (Vancouver Island)

The two CDA members are elected by CDAs-at-large, and the 11 Public Members are appointed by the provincial government.

The Board meets four times a year, and holds an Annual General Meeting in June. Board workshops on various timely issues may also be held two to three times a year. Board members also serve on other CDSBC Committees and Working Groups.

View the details for the next board meeting.

Board Highlights and Board Minutes from previous meetings can be found in the CDSBC Library under the "Board and Governance" heading.

Meet the 2018/19 Board

Elected Board Members

Dr. Peter M. Lobb, President
Peter has practised general dentistry in Victoria since 1975 and is the Regional Practice Leader for Oral Oncology and Dentistry at the Vancouver Island Cancer Centre. He received his dental degree from the University of Alberta, and served in the Royal Canadian Dental Corps for 10 years. Peter formerly chaired the Ethics and the Legislation committees, and currently chairs the Bylaws Working Group. He is Chair of the Canadian Dental Association Committee on the Identification of Future Dentists and a past president of the BC Dental Association. This is Peter’s fourth term as CDSBC President.
Dr. Patricia Hunter, Vice-President
Patricia earned her dental degree from UBC in 1983 and practises as a general dentist in Richmond. She is a former Deputy Registrar of CDSBC (2004-08) and a former board member (2010). She has previously served on the Inquiry, Registration*, and Practice Management* committees.
Dr. Doug Conn, Treasurer
Certified Specialist Board Member
Doug previously served CDSBC as the Vancouver district board member (1997-99) and on several committees, including a term as chair of the Practice Management Committee*. He graduated from UBC in 1982 and received his specialty degree in endodontics from Boston University in 1995. Doug practices as a certified specialist and is a part-time clinical assistant professor at UBC.
Dr. Deborah Battrum
Dentist Board Member (District 3: Southern Interior)
Deborah has practised dentistry for over 35 years. After receiving a dental degree from the University of Toronto in 1979, Deborah earned her Masters in Dental Science at UBC. She completed her specialty in endodontics from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1995.
Dr. Richard Busse
Dentist Board Member (District 4: Vancouver)
Richard earned his dental degree from UBC in 1986 and has been in private practice for more than 30 years. He chairs the Facial Aesthetics Working Group and is a member of the Governance and Finance & Audit committees. He has been a part-time clinical instructor at UBC Dentistry, is a past president of the British Columbia Dental Association, and served on the board of Pacific Blue Cross Health Benefit Society.
Dr. Kenneth Chow
Certified Specialist Board Member
Ken received his dental degree from the University of Southern California (1992) and earned his specialist degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Loyola Medical Centre in Chicago (1996). He taught at UBC from 1997- 2018 and practises as a certified specialist in Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond. Ken is a member of the Ethics Committee and served as its chair from 2009-18.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Coil
UBC Faculty of Dentistry Board Member
Jeff has been a dentist in BC for more than 30 years, and has practised as a certified specialist in endodontics for 25 years. He is a full-time faculty member at UBC Dentistry, and is the Director of Graduate Endodontics. He is past president of the B.C. Society of Endodontics and the Canadian Academy of Endodontics, and was a written examiner for the National Dental Examining Board of Canada.
Dr. Dustin Holben
Dentist Board Member (District 5: Vancouver Island)
Dustin received his dental degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2001, and currently practices in Victoria. He has served the Board since 2013.
Ms. Cathy Larson
Certified Dental Assistant Board Member
Cathy has been a practising CDA for over 40 years and is an instructor at Vancouver Community College. Cathy previously served CDSBC as a member of the Certified Dental Assistant Examination Committee (2002–06) and the CDA Prosthodontic Module Working Group (2006-08).
Ms. Sabina Reitzik
Certified Dental Assistant Board Member
Sabina has been a practising CDA for over 15 years and is currently a clinical instructor at UBC’s Faculty of Dentistry.
Dr. Masoud Saidi
Dentist Board Member (District 1: Fraser Valley)
Masoud received his dental degree from UBC in 1995 and practises as a general dentist in Langley.
Dr. Mark Spitz
Dentist Board Member (District 2: North)
Mark received his dental degree from University of Alberta and has practised general dentistry in Dawson Creek for over 20 years. He served on the Board (Council) from 1998-2005 and returned to the Board in 2014.

Public Board Members

Mr. Gurdeep Bains
Public Board Member
Gurdeep is a Chartered Professional Accountant at the Monark Group and was the chief financial officer at OK Tire Stores Inc. where he oversaw the financial function and contributed to strategy and business development. He previously worked in the investment banking and auditing sectors.
Dr. Heather Davidson, PhD
Public Board Member
Heather is an Assistant Deputy Minister for the BC Ministry of Health with responsibility for research, innovation, knowledge management, legislation and intergovernmental relations. She holds a PhD in the Psychology of Adult Development and Aging and has worked as a psychologist and researcher in geriatric medicine.
Ms. Dianne Doyle
Public Board Member
Dianne has a long history as an executive within the BC Health System, most recently having spent 11 years as CEO of Providence Health Care in Vancouver. She is a nurse and has served on a number of provincial and national boards related to health, research and professional development.

Ms. Sabine Feulgen
Public Board Member
Sabine is the Associate Deputy Minister of Corporate Services at the Ministry of Health, providing leadership to the Finance, Data, IM/IT and Pharmaceutical Services divisions. Prior to this, Sabine was the Deputy Secretary to Treasury Board with the Ministry of Finance.
Ms. Barb Hambly
Public Board Member
Barb is a senior leader in the corporate health services field. She has held executive positions in finance, human resources and public affairs.
Mr. Oleh Ilnyckyj
Public Board Member
Oleh is a partner at Miller Thomson LLP where he specializes in health and regulatory law, personal injury and dispute resolution.
Ms. Dorothy Jennings
Public Board Member
Dorothy practised as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) for 45 years and is the former chair of the board of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC.
Ms. Shirley Ross
Public Board Member
Shirley brings experience in communications, education and advocacy. She has acted as global health project director for Oxfam, community developer and community health nurse for the Vancouver Health Board, and general duty nurse in various acute care hospitals across B.C., Alberta and Manitoba.

Mr. Carl Roy
Public Board Member
Carl is the CEO of the Provincial Health Services Authority, bringing more than 30 years of experience from both the public and private health care sectors.
Mr. Neal Steinman
Public Board Member
Neal practises civil and commercial litigation in downtown Vancouver at the law firm he founded.
Dr. Lynn Stevenson, PhD
Public Board Member
Lynn is a former Associate Deputy Minister of Health Services at the Ministry of Health and serves on a number of boards in the health and academic sector. She is a registered nurse and has a PhD with a research focus on organizational change, practice and leadership.

* - indicates service on a committee under the Dentists Act. 


Board Highlights and Board Minutes from previous meetings can be found in the CDSBC Library under the "Board and Governance" heading.