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​​ Considering Running for the CDSBC Board?

Before you decide, consider this:

CDSBC's role is to protect the public. Nothing more and nothing less.

As a health regulator, our only job is to protect the public. This is set out in legislation and it is what makes us different from any other type of organization, such as a professional association or advocacy group.

The job of a board member is to uphold CDSBC's mandate to protect the public – not to "represent" any particular group

CDSBC is governed by an 12-​member Board​ that includes dentists, certified dental assistants and members of the public. To ensure a broad range of perspectives among the professional (elected) members of the Board, some positions are reserved for registrants who meet certain characteristics:

  • dentists who practise in each of the five electoral districts
  • a dentist who is a certified specialist
  • a dentist who is a member of the UBC Faculty of Dentistry
  • a certified dental assistant

While the CDSBC Bylaws require these positions to be elected by other registrants in each of those same groups, each board member has a duty to act in the best interests of the public and not as a delegate or representative of a constituency or interest group. All 12 CDSBC board members are there to protect the public.

Consider whether you have the personal attributes and relevant skills and experience needed on the CDSBC Board

CDSBC has identified key characteristics that are ideal for any board member. These include personal characteristics, specific skills and experience, and leadership qualities. You can find a complete list in the CDSBC Governance Manual under Board Composition and Succession Planning.

Time requirement

Board members must devote the necessary time and attention to be able to make informed decisions on issues that come before the Board. Board members may spend approximately 12-15 hours a month in preparation for, and attendance at, board meetings, for board member development, workshops, stakeholder events, and committee meetings. (The time commitment is significantly more for the board officer positions.)

  • Meetings and events are scheduled during regular business hours, weekday evenings and Saturdays.
  • New board members are expected to attend a board member orientation at College Place in Vancouver.
  • At least three times per year, board events run over two days (workshop and meeting), which requires staying overnight in Vancouver.

Before deciding to run as a candidate, please carefully consider the responsibilities, skills and time commitment required.

Financial compensation

Board members are eligible to claim an honorarium as set out in CDSBC's Expense Policy for Volunteers (PDF). Costs associated with travel and meals are also paid in accordance with that policy.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, see the eligibility requirements >>