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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 2019/20 CDSBC Board Election

Updated 17 May 2019

The following Board Positions have been filled by acclamation:

Board Officers (one-year term)
President – Dr. Peter M. Lobb

Dentist Board Members (two-year term)
Dentist, District 3 (Southern Interior) – Dr. Brandon Schiffner

Certified Dental Assistant (two-year term)
Ms. Cathy Larson

Election results

The Board election was held on Thursday, 16 May 2019. The results are:

Vice-President (one-year term)

​​Total eligible to vote: 3523​​​​​​​​31% of eligible dentists voted

​Dr. Douglas W. Conn (ELECTED)

​784 votes

​Dr. Mahsa Soraya

​296 votes​

Dentist, District 2 (North) (two-year term)

​Total eligible to vote: 154

​34% of eligible dentists voted

Dr. Richard Wilczek (ELECTED)

​30 votes

​Dr. Mark Spitz

​22 votes​

Dentist, District 5 (Vancouver Island) (two-year term)

​Total eligible to vote: 508

​36% of eligible dentists voted​

Dr. Maico (Mike) Melo (ELECTED)​

​123 votes

​Dr. John Olesen

​58 votes​

To learn more about CDSBC's Board, visit our Board page​​.