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2017/18 CDSBC Board Election

Election Results

The ballot count was held on 18 May 2017. Below are the results:

Vice-President (one-year term)
Dr. Susan K. Chow (ELECTED)
Dr. Mark Spurr

Dentist, District 2 (North) (two-year term)
Dr. Mark Spitz (ELECTED)
Dr. Richard Wilczek

Dentist, District 3 (Southern Interior) (two-year term)
Dr. Deborah E. Battrum (ELECTED)
Dr. Chris Callen

Certified Dental Assistant (two-year term)
Ms. Subbu Arunachalam Pillai
Ms. Arlene D. Cearns
Ms. Cathy Larson (ELECTED)

The following Board Positions were filled by acclamation:

Board Officers (One-Year Term)

  • President - Dr. Don Anderson
  • Treasurer - Dr. Patricia Hunter

Dentist Board Members (Two-Year Term)

  • Dentist, District 5 (Vancouver Island) - Dr. Dustin William Holben

These terms take effect 1 July 2017.

2017/2018 Board

Dr. Don Anderson, President
Dr. Susan K. Chow
, Vice-President
Dr. Patricia Hunter
, Treasurer

Dr. Deborah E. Battrum, Dentist Board Member (District 3: Southern Interior)
Dr. Doug Conn, Certified Specialist Member
Mr. Dan De Vita
, Public Board Member
Dr. Andrea Esteves
, UBC Faculty of Dentistry Member
Dr. Michael Flunkert, Dentist Board Member (District 4: Vancouver)
Mr. Terry Hawes, Public Member
Dr. Dustin Holben, Dentist Board Member (District 5: Vancouver Island)
Mr. Oleh Ilnyckyj, Public Board Member
Ms. Dorothy Jennings, Public Board Member
Ms. Cathy Larson, Certified Dental Assistant Board Member
Mr. Rick Lemon, Public Board Member
Ms. Sabina Reitzik, Certified Dental Assistant Board Member
Dr. S. Masoud Saidi, Dentist Member (District 1: Fraser Valley)
Dr. Mark Spitz, Dentist Member (District 2: North)
Mr. Neal Steinman, Public Member

To learn more about CDSBC's Board, visit our Board page.