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​​​​​​​​​​Annual Reports

Each year, CDSBC publishes a comprehensive Annual Report that provides an overview of the College's activities during the year and includes reports from the Registrar, standing Committees and the auditor's financial statements.

This report describes CDSBC's work and activities from the last fiscal year. It highlights major accomplishments and reflects the commitment and dedication of CDSBC staff and stakeholders who devote their time and expertise to deliver on the College’s duty to protect the public.


The theme of this report is transformation because we could think of no better way to ​describe the past year. Quite simply, we re-imagined what it means to be an effective and trustworthy regulator, one that above all, serves and protects the public of this province.​

Read the 2019/20 Annual Report (PDF) >>​


A two-page spread​ version is here​.​