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The College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (CDSBC) is the regulatory body for dentists, dental therapists and certified dental assistants (CDAs) in B.C. The College is not a teaching institution: its core function is to protect the public by overseeing the conduct and competence of its registrants.

How does CDSBC protect the public?

CDSBC protects the public by ensuring that dentists, dental therapists and CDAs are registered and qualified to practise, and that they are consistently providing safe and ethical care to their patients.

CDSBC also responds to complaints from patients, and takes action when a registrant is practising incompetently, unethically, illegally or is impaired by alcohol, drugs or
a mental illness.

Who can help me?

Below is a listing of key services provided by CDSBC, the BC Dental Association and the Certified Dental Assistants of BC.

​​College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC)

• Registration and annual renewal for dentists, dental therapists and CDAs
• Receive and resolve complaints
• ​Provide practice standards and guidelines for dental professionals
• Process continuing education credits
• ​Incorporate dental practices
• Practice advice
• Online Registrant Lookup
• Inspections of moderate, deep, or general anaesthetic sedation facility
• Illegal Practice

British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA)

​• Public oral health education via 
• "Find a Dentist" search for dentists accepting new patients
• Information on reduced cost clinics
• Annual suggested fee guide
• Dental office job opportunities (public website)
• Practice classified listings (member website)
• X-ray Inspection Program
• WHMIS and managing dental waste
• Practice management information and resources
• Continuing education for dentists and dental staff
• Dental Profession Advisory Program (DPAP) Counselling

Certified Dental Assistants of BC (CDABC)

​• Employment standards for CDAs
• Professional advice for CDAs
• Salary survey guide for allied dental personnel​
• Continuing education opportunities for CDAs
• Group insurance for CDAs
• Job postings for CDAs

Three other health colleges that regulate dental professionals in B.C. are:  

CDSBC's Strategic Plan outlines our mandate, vision and organizational goals

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