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​​In the Matter of the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia and Dr. Uday Jobanputra

Discipline Panel Decision Summary

July 30, 2014

Dr. Uday Jobanputra is a former registrant of CDSBC who previously owned and operated two dental clinics in Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, B.C. On March 5, 2012, the College’s Inquiry Committee suspended him from practising dentistry because it was concerned that Dr. Jobanputra may not be able to deliver safe patient care.

A discipline hearing was held in February 2014 to determine allegations of incompetent dentistry practice, professional misconduct and unprofessional conduct. Dr. Jobanputra did not attend.

The Discipline Panel issued its decision on July 30, 2014. The Panel found that Dr. Jobanputra committed professional misconduct or unprofessional conduct by:

  1. Communicating with dentists, staff and/or patients at the clinic in a way that demonstrated a pattern of egregious and reprehensible conduct;
  2. Making disparaging and invalid statements about the treatment provided by other clinic dentists and in the presence of patients;
  3. Failing to pay his staff, writing cheques he knew or should have known would be dishonoured, and not fulfilling a promised refund to a patient;
  4. Failing to adhere to infection control protocols by permitting individuals to have full access to the clinic when there was no apparent reason for them to be there;
  5. Failing to adequately protect the confidentiality of personal patient information by permitting patient charts to be left unsecured;
  6. Abandoning a patient in the operatory;
  7. Entering private property to distribute advertisements without authorization;
  8. Diverting mail addressed to other dentists in the clinic; and
  9. Advertising dental treatment after being suspended from the practice of dentistry.

View a summary of CDSBC's allegations and the Discipline Panel’s findings (PDF)
View the full Discipline Panel Decision (redacted) (PDF)

Penalty Decision Summary

December 5, 2014

On November 3, 2014, a panel of the Discipline Committee held a penalty hearing for Dr. Uday Jobanputra. Dr. Jobanputra did not attend, and the hearing proceeded in his absence.

After a period of deliberation, the Discipline panel decided that:

  • Dr. Jobanputra’s registration as a dentist with CDSBC is cancelled;
  • Dr. Jobanputra must pay $38,000 in costs to CDSBC; and
  • Dr. Jobanputra may not apply for reinstatement with CDSBC before March 1, 2017, and he must provide medical evidence that he does not suffer from a physical or mental ailment, an emotional disturbance or an addiction to alcohol or drugs that impairs his ability to practise dentistry

As a result of the Panel’s decision, he is no longer able to practise dentistry and may not use the title of “doctor.”

Read the full penalty decision here (PDF).