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​Publication Notice: Mario Laskaris

Notice of the following Consent to Reprimand is provided in accordance with CDSBC’s Bylaws and section 39.3(1) of the Health Professions Act.

Dr. Mario Laskaris of Chilliwack has consented to a reprimand pursuant to Section 36 of the Health Professions Act. The Consent to Reprimand was accepted by a panel of the Inquiry Committee on August 24, 2010. Dr. Laskaris acknowledged that he placed a digital camera in the staff washroom of his dental practice and that this incident reflected poor judgment. He further acknowledged that his conduct was inappropriate and could be considered to be unprofessional conduct. Dr. Laskaris agreed that in future he will be aware of his stress levels and, if he encounters difficulty in managing them, he will take the appropriate steps to address the issues. The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the public is protected. CDSBC has advised Dr. Laskaris that it may view any breach of the terms of the reprimand as unprofessional conduct.