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​​Illegal Practice: Valentyn Uvarov

Valentyn Uvarov prohibited from practising dentistry

Surrey, B.C.

May 4, 2015

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC) has taken legal action against Mr. Valentyn Uvarov of 14275 – 62 Ave, Surrey for practising dentistry illegally.

Mr. Uvarov has never been registered as a dentist in B.C. and is not associated with any of the legitimate dental practices operating in the area.

Mr. Uvarov was not following infection control protocols. No sterilizer was recovered during CDSBC’s search and seizure. Of greater concern, investigators discovered partially used carpules of anaesthetic, which raised the concern that he may have reused them on different patients, thus creating a risk of blood-borne infection. This case has also prompted Fraser Health to issue a public service announcement urging anyone who received dental treatment from Mr. Uvarov to seek medical treatment or call 8-1-1.

Mr. Uvarov came to CDSBC’s attention in September 2013, when we received an anonymous tip from a member of the public. We investigated at that time but were unable to obtain evidence of a dental practice at the residence.

During a subsequent investigation in fall of 2014, we did find evidence that dentistry was being conducted. We obtained a search and seizure order from BC Supreme Court and entered the residence on March 17, 2015.

Investigators recovered a wide variety of dental instruments and supplies that would be consistent with a modest-sized dental practice, including dental crowns, partial dentures, bridges, surgical instruments, scalers, dental drills, and root canal equipment. No patient records were found.

On April 24, 2015, the BC Supreme Court granted a consent order that prohibits Mr. Uvarov from engaging in the practice of dentistry or holding himself out as a dentist in any language. Mr. Uvarov was also ordered to pay CDSBC $10,000 towards the costs of the investigation.

As always, we advise any person who has been treated by an illegal practitioner to consult with a physician and visit a CDSBC-registered dentist to review the work done and the materials used.

To check the registration status of a dentist in B.C., you can look them up on the College’s Registrant Lookup.

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