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​​​​Illegal Practice

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC protects the public by investigating complaints about the illegal practice of dentistry and taking legal action, where appropriate.

To learn more about the illegal practice of dentistry in B.C., read our Illegal Practice Q&A.

CDSBC has taken legal action against several individuals for providing dentistry services illegally.

The following individuals are not registered to practise dentistry in British Columbia




Uvarov, Valentyn

​May 4, 2015

​Surrey, B.C.

Du, Wei Ming (Margaret)

​April 28, 2015

​Vancouver, B.C.

Guan, Chao Ming

​November 26, 2014

​Vancouver, B.C.

​Huang, Hua Zheng

​December 17, 2013

​Vancouver, B.C.

​Shapoval, Vladimir

​December 17, 2013

​Coquitlam, B.C.

Wu, Tung Sheng (David)

​August 7, 2013

​Burnaby, B.C.

Note: Filed materials in these cases are available from the BC Supreme Court registry

What to do if you suspect someone is practising dentistry illegally

If you are aware of anyone working as a dentist in British Columbia without a license, please contact CDSBC at 604-736-3621 or toll free at 1-800-663-9169.

Any person who has been treated by an illegal practitioner is advised to consult with a physician and visit a CDSBC-registered dentist for a review of the work done and the materials used. More information for patients of suspected illegal dentists is available here.

Use our Registrant Lookup to check that your CDA, dental therapist or dentist is registered to practise >>

CDSBC's instructions for patients of suspected illegal dentists

Use CDSBC’s online registrant lookup to check that your dentist, dental therapist or certified dental assistant is registered to practise
in B.C.