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Health Professions Review Board

If you are concerned about the outcome of your complaint, you can apply for a review with the Health Professions Review Board (HPRB) within 30 days of receiving the decision letter from the CDSBC Inquiry Committee.

The HPRB is established under the Health Professions Act to provide independent review of certain decisions made by the self-governing health colleges. You can only apply for HPRB review following the closing of a complaint that does not result in a citation being issued. A citation is a formal document that lists the allegations against the registrant and provides notice that there will be a public hearing before the Discipline Committee.

The HPRB’s review looks at two things:

  1. whether CDSBC’s investigation of the complaint was adequate, and 
  2. whether the decision was reasonable.

In making this determination, the HPRB cannot order that CDSBC discipline a registrant, or that anybody pay money to the complainant. 

HPRB decisions are available online.