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Complaints Process Enhancement

As a health regulator, patient safety is at the heart of our work. At CDSBC, we strive to deliver a complaints process that is thorough, fair and timely. We constantly seek out ways to engage with patients, measure our performance and strengthen our processes.

Exit Surveys (2016 - 2021)

Beginning in 2016, CDSBC distributed exit surveys to both registrants and complainants. These were put in place to help evaluate our complaints process.

Our Action Plan (item #15) stated our intent to obtain more meaningful patient feedback on the complaints process, and so in June 2021, we stopped distributing the surveys in order to reevaluate what information we collect and make improvements which will enhance the patient experience.

The surveys were administered by Pivotal Research Inc., an external research company. Public reports on the exit survey results are included below.

Enhanced Surveys (2022 →)

In 2022, CDSBC will implement a new contact survey as part of the complaints process. This initiative will replace the exit surveys mentioned above and will provide more depth and actionable insights to improve the complainant and registrant experience.