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​​​Before you Submit a Complaint

If you have a concern about treatment you received from a CDA, dental therapist or dentist, the best place to start is to speak directly with that person about your concern (if you feel comfortable doing so).

Although it may be difficult, a face-to-face discussion is often the quickest and best way to resolve an issue. Simple miscommunications are at the root of many complaints. For guidance on preparing for a difficult conversation, watch the Preparing for a Tough Talk video at

You may find it helpful to write out your concerns – you can even use our Complaint Form (PDF) as a guide. This can provide a framework for a conversation and you may wish to provide it to the registrant with a request to contact you to discuss it. This may help you resolve some (or all) of your concerns before you submit a formal complaint to CDSBC.

Some complainants contact CDSBC seeking a resolution that we cannot provide. It is important to understand that we cannot address concerns that are outside of our legal power. Because of this, our investigation outcome may not address every aspect of the complaint that is submitted. For example, a complaint to CDSBC will not lead to a refund of fees.

Learn what CDSBC can and cannot do as result of a complaint >>

If you are concerned that the registrant may present a risk to the public, you should make a written complaint to CDSBC.