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​​​​​Public Protection

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC) regulates dentistry in the public interest. Our mandate is to serve and protect the public.

Most dentists, dental therapists and certified dental assistants (“registrants”) are competent, skilled practitioners who work hard to maintain their patients’ confidence; however, there are times when concerns about their behaviour or the dental care they have provided may arise.

Every person has a right to expect a professional standard of care from their dentist, dental therapist or CDA. CDSBC investigates complaints about the conduct or competence of its registrants and becomes involved when there is a problem.

Learn about our complaint investigation and discipline processes >>

Before you submit a complaint
If you have a concern, there are steps that you can take before submitting a complaint to CDSBC.
Submit a complaint
Learn how to submit a complaint about a dentist, dental therapist or certified dental assistant.
Complaint & discipline notices
Complaint and discipline notices (after April 2009) are published on the CDSBC website for ten years.
Illegal practice
CDSBC investigates complaints about the illegal practice of dentistry and takes legal action, where appropriate.

Watch the BC Health Regulators video about how complaints are investigated by regulatory colleges

CDSBC now publishes summaries of the complaints that were closed each year