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Posting Guidelines

CDSBC's online consultation forum does not post individuals' names along with their feedback. Individuals are identified only by respondent type (dentist, dental therapist, CDA, member of the public, etc.). 

You will receive an automated email response once your comment has been reviewed and approved or rejected. Your email address will not be published.

The College reserves the right to refuse to post feedback, in whole or in part, that, in its sole discretion:

  • is unrelated to the policy or issue under consultation;
  • contains personal identifiers or information that may identify a third party;
  • contains complaints and/or compliments about named registrants or former registrants;
  • contains self-promotion, commercial postings or solicitations, such as a links to your website, blog, product, or article;
  • contains other people's confidential or private information;
  • contains personal attacks or is otherwise abusive, obscene, harassing/threatening or includes defamatory or libelous comments.

CDSBC's consultation feedback tool supports English-only comments. Comments in other languages will not be published.

CDSBC is not responsible for the content of any feedback, nor for the loss of any feedback. By posting feedback, you are deemed to have agreed to all aspects of the College's Privacy Policy.