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This consultation ended October 26, 2018​

Notice of Consultation on Draft 2019-22​ Strategic Plan

Updated 28 September 2018

Improved health outcomes for the public, strengthening stakeholder relationships, embracing leading regulatory practices and stronger governance are at the core of CDSBC's new strategic plan.

You are invited to provide feedback on this draft 2019-22 Strategic Plan. All feedback received by 26 October will be submitted to the CDSBC Board and considered in the development of the final version.

This strategic plan will inform CDSBC's decision-making over the next three years, our budget allocations, and our annual operating plans, and will be used to measure our progress. We appreciate your input.

Note: this consultation period is shorter than normal due to the limited time between the September and November board meetings and the time needed to prepare the document for publication and to gather and consider feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Questions to consider

Please review the draft 2019-22 Strategic Plan and provide your responses to these questions:

  1. In what ways might the goals and initiatives in the draft strategic plan impact you?
  2. What would you like CDSBC to consider as we plan to take action on this draft strategic plan?
  3. Do you have any other comments on the draft strategic plan?


The planning process for the 2019-22 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board in June 2018 and staff were directed to draft new strategic goals and initiatives. A working group of the Board was also struck to propose revisions to the existing vision, mission, mandate and values. The Board considered and approved the draft 2019-22 Strategic Plan at the September 2018 Board meeting and directed stakeholder consultations be undertaken. Once complete, the new Strategic Plan will be considered for approval by the Board in November and, if approved, will inform the annual operational plans and budgets for the next three years.

For reference, CDSBC's current strategic plan is available here.

How to submit feedback

Feedback is welcome until 26 October 2018. There are three ways to submit feedback:

  1. Online consultation forum
    This is a convenient way to post your feedback and read what others have said about this consultation. You will not be identified by name unless you chose that option. Comments must meet the posting guidelines.

    Visit the discussion forum

  2. Email
    Include "strategic plan" in the subject line of your email to
  3. Mail
    College of Dental Surgeons of BC
    500 – 1765 West 8th Avenue
    Vancouver, B.C. V6J 5C6
    Attention: Strategic Plan Consultation

About the consultation

Members of the public, organizations and registrants of CDSBC and other health regulators are welcome to comment. This notice of consultation has been extended to a number of organizations, including (but not limited to) patient groups, other health regulators in BC, the Ministry of Health, the First Nations Health Authority, provincial dental regulators, the British Columbia Dental Association, Certified Dental Assistants of BC, UBC Dentistry, dental component societies in B.C., and other dental organizations. It is also being provided to Mr. Harry Cayton and the Professional Standards Authority.

Please note this is a courtesy invitation to comment and is not a bylaw consultation.