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2020 Annual Meeting Recap
Board Chair Re-elected
Opportunity for Dentists: Health Practitioners Special Committee for Audit Hearings
Board Meetings
Holiday Closure

2020 Annual Meeting Recap​

Our 2020 Annual Meeting took place virtually on September 10, 2020. Thank to you to the 86 people who joined us online, and to those who participated by submitting questions and comments to our panellists. Highlights from the meeting are outlined below, and a recording of the meeting is available here. >>

  • Musqueam Elder Mr. Larry Grant started the meeting with a land acknowledgement (begins at 2:25)
    • As my ancestors have done in the past, this morning, I raise my hands to welcome all of you and thank you for attending."

  • Board Chair Mr. Carl Roy's opening remarks (7:28)

  • Board Member Ms. Kim Trottier reflected on her experience as a dental therapist in remote Indigenous communities (14:56).
    • The obstacles are not only geographic. Trauma, fear, and poverty play a significant role in preventing individuals from getting the support they desperately need. This realization has ignited a desire within me to offer care with cultural safety and humility as the focus of my practice."

  • Report from external financial auditor, Ms. Anita Johnson, Smythe LLP (18:14)

  • Report from CDSBC's Registrar/CEO, Dr. Chris Hacker (20:50)
    • “Those of us who work at the College and on the Board have certainly felt the cumulative impacts of the changes over the past year. We are asking different questions than we did before, always trying to get at the heart of what we are doing and why. And all of this is done in pursuit of becoming a more effective and trustworthy regulator – one that, above all, serves and protects the public of this province."

  • Report from Board Chair, Mr. Carl Roy (34:55)
    • “This has been an unprecedented year of challenge and change and I have been struck by the resilience of everyone – Board, staff and committees – to seize the opportunity to be a best-in-class regulator."

  • Address by Professional Regulation Expert Mr. Harry Cayton (48:27)
    • “I have never seen any organization seize the opportunity for improvement with such energy and commitment and such rapid success as I have observed here. In this College there has been a genuine shift of focus towards the safety of patients and the public good, a change of governance culture, and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness… But you have not reached a resting place. You are not there yet, wherever 'there' is."

  • Q&A (1:00:43)​

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Board Chair Re-elected​

We are pleased to announce that the CDSBC Board has re-elected public board member Mr. Carl Roy to serve as Board Chair for 2020/21.

Carl brings more than four decades of experience in the health sector, and worked with multiple regulatory bodies throughout his career. He has a strong governance background and demonstrated success in improving board performance.

He will continue to lead the Board through the completion of the commitments in the Action Plan submission to the Minister of Health, as well as transitions related to the Ministry of Health's recommendations from the Steering Committee on Modernization of Health Professional Regulation.

As chair, Carl will continue to partner with the Board and with Registrar and CEO Dr. Chris Hacker to ensure public protection, regulatory excellence, and optimal health for patients and the public.

Opportunity for Dentists: Health Practitioners Special Committee for Audit Hearings

The Ministry of Health is seeking a dentist member to join Health Care Practitioners Special Committee for Audit Hearings (HCPSCA). The deadline to apply is October 1, 2020.

The HCPSCA is established under Part 1 of the Medicare Protection Act and is administered through the Ministry of Health Billing Integrity Program. HCPSCA conducts hearings in cases where health care practitioner claims (acupuncture, chiropractic, dentistry, massage therapy, midwifery, naturopathy, optometry, physical therapy and podiatry) are believed to have been inappropriately billed to the Medical Services Plan and makes orders for recovery of monies or de-enrollment where appropriate.

We are sharing this opportunity on behalf of the Ministry of Health. Please click on the button below to learn more and apply online.​

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The September 11 Board meeting was held virtually. No questions from registrants or the public were received prior to the meeting.

Upcoming Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held virtually on November 20, 2020.

Questions related to the issues on the agenda can be submitted to the Board in advance of the meeting using the Board question submission form. Meeting agendas include a standing time designated for comments and questions from the public and registrants. Learn more by reading the Public and Registrant Participation Policy. Meeting packages are posted on the website approximately one week before the meeting.

For more information and the dates of upcoming board meetings, see the Board meetings page on the website.

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Holiday Closure​

Our staff operations will be paused on October 12, 2020 for Thanksgiving Day, and will resume at 8 am on October 13, 2020.​

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