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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Announcing 90 public and registrant members to serve on new committees

Message from Appointments Working Group Chair Sabina Reitzik

July 24, 2020

As the chair of the Appointments Working Group (AWG), I am pleased to report that the Board has appointed 90 individuals to serve on CDSBC's 10 committees.

Over the past year, CDSBC has completely re-designed our committees to embrace leading regulatory practices and reflect our over-arching commitment to public protection. The changes increase public representation and will make our decision-making more streamlined and effective.

164 members of the public and registrants stepped forward in response to our call for committee members.

I want to thank the 164 applicants—53 public, 9 certified dental assistants and 102 dentists—who stepped forward in response to our call for committee members. We greatly appreciated the strong response to our invitation.

In approving a new approach to the committee restructure, the Board empowered this working group to assess the applications. Each committee membership was determined based on each committee’s terms of reference, including specific skills, experience and perspectives – and to ensure an appropriate and proportionate mix of experienced and new CDSBC committee members.​ CDSBC's new committee structure is a direct result of the Action Plan the Board and staff developed in response to the Cayton Report.

Overall, the AWG recommended the Board appoint 37 public committee members, and 53 registrants (8 certified dental assistants, 45 dentists), for either a one- or two-year term. In addition, the Board appointed six board members to the three board committees. Of the 90 appointments, 39 are previous CDSBC committee members, which provides an appropriate and proportionate balance to ensure continuity while allowing CDSBC to welcome 51 new individuals to our committees. ​

Role and membership list of 10 new committees About the appointment process

​I am one of three board members on the AWG and we were joined by three others. As a group of three public members, one certified dental assistant and two dentists, we brought together dental professional experience and extensive human resource experience including a senior leader in corporate health services with experience in executive HR positions; a strategic planning and change management consultant; and a UBC lecturer with an MBA in HR.

Having established committees full of individuals who are passionate about safe, ethical dental care, four of the members of the AWG will remain on the new Appointments Committee to assist the Board with committee compositions going forward.

I am grateful to all the members of the AWG for their extensive time commitment to this task. Thank you to the staff for their support and working to make this pivotal change in governance happen while working remotely. The regulation of dentistry in B.C. is shared by members of the public and dental professionals who work side by side on our board and committees to protect patients and the public.

On behalf of the Appointments Working Group,

Ms. Sabina Reitzik, Chair​

Committee Structure timeline revised narrow (1).png

Appointments Working Group
  • Ms. Sabina Reitzik, Chair, CDA elected board member
  • Dr. Doug Conn, dentist elected board member
  • Ms. Barb Hambly, public board member
  • Dr. Chris Callen, general dentist
  • Ms. Melanie Crombie, public member
  • Dr. Wayne Rawcliffe, EdD, public member​