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​​​​​​Amended CDSBC Bylaws ensure dentist participation on Board

September 13, 2019

Thank you to everyone who submitted comment to CDSBC’s Registrar/CEO on behalf of the Board, and/or to the Ministry of Health in response to the notice of proposed amendments to the CDSBC Bylaws.

There were several themes within the comments, but the strongest to emerge was a concern that the bylaws needed to ensure dentist participation on the Board.

The bylaw amendments posted last month were drafted to deliver specific changes requested by government. The Minister asked the Board to consider enabling the opportunity for dental therapists to run for election to the CDSBC Board. Dental therapists have been defined as “registrants” under the bylaws since they first became regulated by CDSBC in 2013 -- there is no change to this definition. This is why the word “registrant” – which encompasses dentist and dental therapists -- was used to describe board composition. There was no intent to exclude dentists from serving on the Board.

​Two updates made to final amended bylaws

The amended CDSBC Bylaws filed with the Ministry have been clarified in two areas as compared to the version that was posted for public comment last month:

  1. The amended bylaw on composition of the Board now states that of the four registrant board member positions, at least three will be held by dentists. This ensures at least half of the elected board members will be dentists, while ensuring that the bylaw amendments meet the requirements of the Minister of Health to enable the opportunity for dental therapists to run for election. The amended bylaws preserve two board member positions for certified dental assistants. Public members will make up 50 percent of the board composition.​

  2. The amended bylaws as originally posted indicated that CDSBC must cease collecting fees from dentists on behalf of the British Columbia Dental Association on February 28, 2021. That date has been extended to February 28, 2022.

The Board approved the bylaw amendments and they have been filed with the Ministry of Health to come into effect on September 16, 2019.

The amended CDSBC bylaws will result in a reduction of board size from 21 to 12 members (six public, four dentists, and two CDAs). We will announce the names of the members of the smaller Board next week. The first order of business will be to elect a chair from within the Board.


Earlier this year, the CDSBC Board made a formal submission to Health Minister Adrian Dix to demonstrate it is protecting the public and working on behalf of patients and the public.

​The Board's commitment, which we refer to as the Action Plan, was in response to the Minister's Directive to address the findings of an external review by Harry Cayton.

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