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CDSBC at the Pacific Dental Conference

Friday, 9 March, 8:30-11 am  |  VCC West - Room 306

Dental advertising, ratings sites, and negative media coverage may all contribute to patients who are more skeptical and less trusting. How can we, as dentists, maintain our reputation?

Dentists are invited to join a trio of experts for a case-based exploration of professionalism and ethical practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Grasp the relation of the profession to larger society as the basis of public trust in dentistry
  2. Explain concepts of professionalism/dental ethics relevant to daily practice
  3. Identify ethical challenges in a case study and formulate a recommendation for the dentist
  4. Evaluate dentist attitudes (from a survey) towards the relation of the profession to larger society
  5. Reflect on these themes and be able to address ethical challenges in practice

Note that this session is designed for dentists.

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Meet the Experts

David-Ozar.jpg Dr. David Ozar is Emeritus Professor (1972-2015) in the Department of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago, where he also taught the professional dental ethics course for over a decade. He was founding president of the American Society for Dental Ethics and founding editor of Issues in Dental Ethics. He is a frequent speaker and has published extensively on the topic of ethics.


Donald_Patthoff.jpg Dr. Donald Patthoff has been a general dentist in government, non-profit, and private practice settings since 1971. He has served in leadership roles within organized dentistry at all levels, and in national and international ethics organizations. He has written and lectured extensively on the topic of ethics, and is the ethics chair of the Berkeley Medical Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia



Dr. Carlos QuiƱonez is a dental public health specialist and researcher. He is an Associate Professor and Director of the Specialty Training Program in Dental Public Health at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto. His research program centres on the politics and economics of dentistry, with a specific focus on health and social equity.