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‚ÄčMessage from the President on behalf of the CDSBC Board

Several weeks ago CDSBC published the draft document Boundaries in the Practitioner-Patient Relationship and invited comment from the profession, stakeholders and the public. This policy evolved from a 2012 workshop on boundaries, ethics and professionalism. The Board has been working to develop a policy that reflects current thinking on these topics and is in keeping with the role of a health profession regulator in the 21st century.

This draft policy has received significant attention from our registrants, including a request to extend the consultation deadline to the 30th of September, which we have done. The consultation has generated a substantial amount of feedback from our registrants, many of whom have submitted thoughtful and considered comments to the Board.

Under normal circumstances we would let a policy consultation run its course before re-submitting it to the Board. However, given the response to this draft policy, we will share all feedback received to date with the Board in advance of the next meeting on the 12th of September. The Board will take all of your feedback into consideration when deciding how to proceed.

That said, the Board is aware that there is a clear consensus that the profession does not support the boundaries policy as currently drafted. While the principles behind it are not themselves being questioned, many of you have told us that you object to how those principles may be interpreted.

In keeping with good governance practices, as a policy item this will be discussed during the in camera (closed) portion of the Board meeting. We will provide an update to the profession shortly after the meeting. In fairness to the process, and to the request for the extension, final decisions will be made after the close of the consultation period so that no person will be denied the opportunity to be heard.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to participate in the consultation process.


Dr. David L. Tobias, CDSBC President, on behalf of the Board