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​​ ​Improving the QA Program

We're working on the improved Quality Assurance (QA) Program and need your input. The improved program will change the QA requirements for all registrants. Please take the time to read the proposal and let us know what you think as your feedback will be considered when developing the criteria for the improved program.

The consultation for the proposed QA program ended on November 20, 2018. Click here to view the consultation >>


The Board directed the QA Committee to research and develop a comprehensive program that would:

  • Promote career-long hands-on learning
  • Encourage collaboration among colleagues
  • Improve treatment outcomes for patients

A QA working group spent the past two years carefully considering different options for improving the QA program. They reviewed other health professions' programs, evidence-based articles and research by subject matter experts, and feedback from an initial consultation with targeted groups of registrants, stakeholders and members of the public.

The group drafted the proposal in accordance with the Board's direction and based on what they heard from the dental community. The draft program was approved for consultation by the Board on February 24, 2018.



Proposed Program

Outline of the Proposed QA Program

Below is an outline of the proposed QA program from the working group's report to the Board.

Proposed QA Program Outline (PDF)

Report to the Board

The following report was approved by the Board for consultation at the 24 February board meeting. In addition to the QA working group's proposal, the report includes the group's research methodology, findings and rationale.

Proposed QA Program - Report to the Board (PDF)

Click the links below to read the appendices from the report:


The following presentation summarizes the proposed QA Program and includes a comparison between the current program and the proposed changes.

Click the "Present" button to load the Prezi. Please note that the first time you open the Prezi it may take a while to load or you may have to refresh the page. Once the Prezi is loaded, click the expand button on the bottom right to view the presentation full screen.

Prezi is best viewed on a desktop computer in Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

How to use Prezi

When the Prezi loads, use the arrows at the bottom of the page or the arrows on your keyboard to go through the presentation in order. You can jump to any part of the Prezi by clicking directly on that section of the presentation. Use the back button or the progress bar at the bottom of the page to return to the beginning of the Prezi.

If your browser is unable to fully display the presentation, it will redirect you to a simplified version. You won't be able to click directly on the Prezi in this version, but you can use the arrows on the page or the arrows on your keyboard to view the presentation.

If you are viewing the Prezi on your smart phone, please click here. We recommend downloading the Prezi app for best visibility on a smart phone.

Consultation Opportunities

Online Consultation

CDSBC invited registrants and stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposed Quality Assurance (QA) Program. The consultation period closed on November 20, 2018.

Click here to view the consultation >>

Improving the QA Program: CE Sessions

Since this initiative requires a high level of engagement with registrants and stakeholders, the working group began the consultation period with in-person presentations and workshops with the opportunity for feedback. The working group plans to revisit some of the areas that provided input on the initial consultation.

The working group hosted in-person sessions throughout the province to hear registrant feedback on the proposed program. ​

Next Steps

Following the in-person and online consultation with registrants, stakeholders and members of the public, the working group will consider the feedback, many any necessary changes and finalize the draft program for the Board's approval.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback with the working group, email

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