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   6 November 2015 


Consultation on Revised Boundaries in the Practitioner-Patient Relationship
​Revised Bylaw Part 12 (Advertising & Promotional Activities) Now In Force
Dental Corporation Details Required for Annual Renewal
Penalty Decision: Dr. Bobby Rishiraj
Phasing out CDSBC Fax lines
New Provincial Practitioner Credentialing and Privileging System
Implemented by BC Health Authorities
Next Board Meeting – 28 November
CDSBC Office Closure: Remembrance Day Closure

Consultation on Revised Boundaries in the Practitioner-Patient Relationship

CDSBC has published a revised Boundaries in the Practitioner-Patient Relationship for consultation. We are pleased that CDSBC and the BC Dental Association both support this document as re-drafted following the earlier consultation. We have published a joint letter from CDSBC President Dr. David Tobias and BCDA President Dr. Peter Lobb regarding the document.

The consultation period is open for 60 days and will close on 5 January 2016. Feedback can be submitted in one of two ways:

  • By email: (include the word “Boundaries” in the subject line)
  • By mail: CDSBC Board, c/o Registrar's Office, 500 - 1765 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 5C6

More information is available at the link below.

Boundaries Consultation

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Revised Bylaw Part 12 (Advertising and Promotional Activities)
Now In Force

Bylaw Part 12 outlines the parameters for advertising and promotional activities for registrants. The revised bylaw was approved by the Board at the June 2015 board meeting. The bylaw was filed with the Minister of Health and came into force 12 October 2015.

There will be a transition period for registrants to bring their promotional material in compliance with the new bylaw. During this time the bylaw will not be enforced for advertisement and promotional materials created prior to 12 October 2015 and which complies with the previous bylaw. New promotional material must comply with the revised bylaw Part 12.

The Ethics Committee will be producing interpretive guidelines to accompany the new bylaw and provide guidance to registrants. More details will be published on the website shortly.

Read Bylaw Part 12

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Dental Corporation Details Are Required for Annual Renewal

Online renewal will open in January 2016 and a notice will be sent to registrants with more information closer to that date. This is a reminder that some registrants will need to collect information in advance of annual renewal.

Mandatory this year, dentists who own shares in a dental corporation will need to submit:

  • The names and registration numbers (if applicable) for all voting and non-voting shareholders and the percentage of shares being held;
  • Addresses for each of your practices and the names of dentists practising at each location

More information about the 2016/17 Annual Renewal and a list of registrant requirements are available on the website.

Annual Renewal

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Penalty Decision: Dr. Bobby Rishiraj

The Discipline Committee Panel hearing the Dr. Bobby Rishiraj case released its penalty decision last month. This case primarily centred on a young woman who went into cardiac arrest while in Dr. Rishiraj’s care, and who subsequently suffered a severe brain injury.

The penalty decision is the final stage in the discipline process. The penalty includes:

  • A reprimand;
  • Suspension from practice for three months (effective 21 October 2015);
  • Payment of a fine of $50,000 and costs of $50,891.30;
  • Successful completion of a multi-day ethics course;
  • For a period of five years after the suspension is lifted:
         > he may only provide moderate sedation using only one drug of the
            benzodiazepine class; and
         > CDSBC may monitor and inspect his practice at any time without notice.

The full penalty decision and a public statement about this case are available at the link below.

Read the penalty decision

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Phasing out CDSBC fax lines

CDSBC is considering phasing out fax lines for regular communications. The College is moving forward with digital documentation and away from paper copies. For instance, registrants can now submit CE and complaint forms online. Our experience is that digital communications are more efficient and reliable than the fax.

We want to hear your thoughts on CDSBC’s fax lines – please send your feedback to by 20 November 2015.

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New Provincial Practitioner Credentialing and Privileging System Implemented by BC Health Authorities

The BC Medical Quality Initiative (BC MQI) is a new quality assurance governance structure that plans to improve medical practice safeguards and support the ongoing delivery of high quality medical care. In late November, medical staff in all health authorities – which includes BC dentists with hospital privileges – will be introduced to a new online system (CACTUS) for reappointments and appointments to medical staff.

Information videos about CACTUS can be found on Medical affairs offices in each health authority can address questions about CACTUS or contact

Visit the BCMQI website

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Next Board Meeting – 28 November

The next meeting of the CDSBC Board will be on Saturday, 28 November 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver. To ensure adequate meeting materials and seating, observers should RSVP to Nancy Crosby at no later than 20 November 2015.

Full schedule of board meetings

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CDSBC Office Closure: Remembrance Day

The CDSBC office will be closed Wednesday, 11 November for Remembrance Day. We will reopen at 8:00am on Thursday, 12 November 2015.

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This Contact News Bulletin is distributed to registrants for the College of Dental Surgeons of BC. It is one of CDSBC's official methods of notification to its registrants. Registrants are responsible for reading College publications to ensure that they are aware of current standards, policies and guidelines.