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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Board Meeting Package

Below is the Meeting Package for the CDSBC Board Meeting on Friday, 14 June 2019 from 10am-4:30pm at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver. Click here​ to see the meeting agenda.

​​TAB​ ​2​

Public Participation Policy

​​​​TAB 3

​​Register of Interests

TAB 4​

Board Meeting Agenda (14 June 2019)


List of Motions from March–May

TAB ​6​

Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles Letter


​​Briefing Note re: Action Items
Action Plan Items
Action Plan


Briefing Note re: Awards Policy
Awards Policy

TAB 10

Briefing Note re: Submission on Cayton Report Pt. 2
Survey results

TAB 11

Briefing Note re: Parenteral Moderate Sedation
Parenteral Moderate Sedation Facility Fra​mework​

TAB 12

a. Board Minutes for February 2019

​Draft Board Meeting Minutes (22 February 2019)

Board ​Meeting Action Log

b. Reports from Committees

Audit Committee Report

CDA Advisory Committee Report
CDA Certification Committee Report
​Ethics Committee Report
Governance Committee Report
Inquiry Committee Report
Nominations Committee Report
Quality Assurance Report
Registration Committee Report
Sedation Committee Report​

​​c. ​Financia​​l Statements

​​Consolidated statements of revenue and expenses
Consolidated statements of financial position

d. Report from Acting Director of Professional Practice

​Complaints Team Report

e. BCHR and FNHA Spring Symposium

Memo re: BCHR and FNHA Symposium
FNHA Cultural Safety and Humility Learning Journey
Declaration of Commitment
Background info: Cultural Safety Course ​

f. Safe and Respectful Workplace Policy

Briefing Note re: Safe & Respectful Workplace Policy
Safe & Respectful Workplace Policy
Procedure for Reporting, Resolving and/or Investigating Workplace

g. Sedation and General Anaesthetic Services Committee

Briefing Note re: Pediatric Moratorium
Pediatric Moratorium Redlined Standard & Guidelines

Briefing Note re: Case Requirement Updates for Moderate

Educational Requirements Redlined Standard & Guidelines

Briefing Note re: Updated Drug Lists for Deep Sedation and GA
Updated Drug Lists Redlined Standard & Guidelines

Briefing Note re: Biomedical Equipment Requirements
Updated Biomedical Equipment Requirements Redlined Standard
& Guidelines

Briefing Note re: CPR-HCP requirement ​

​h. Registration, Certification and Monitoring Quarterly Report

​​Quarterly Report

i. Committee Membership List (will be added shortly) 

Briefing Note re: Committee Membership
Committee​ membership list