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2018 Election

The following Board Positions have been filled by acclamation:

Board Officers  (one-year term)

  • President: Dr. Peter M. Lobb
  • Vice-President: Dr. Patricia Hunter
  • Treasurer: Dr. Douglas W. Conn

Dentist Board Members (two-year term) 

  • Dentist, District 4 (Vancouver): Dr. Richard Busse
  • Dentist, Certified Specialist: Dr. Kenneth Chow
  • Dentist, District 1 (Fraser Valley): Dr. S. Masoud Saidi
    (acclaimed 20 March upon withdrawal of Dr. Ruby Singh Bhullar)


An election will be held on 17 May 2018 for the following positions:

  • UBC Faculty of Dentistry
  • Certified Dental Assistant 

The candidates are:

For UBC Faculty of Dentistry:

Certified Dental Assistant:  ​

Election ballots will be mailed to eligible dentists and CDAs by 12 April 2018.

Key Election Dates and Deadlines

Mailing of ​Election Materials ​12 April 2018
Ballot Boxes Close ​17 May 2018 at 4:30 pm
Election Count ​17 May 2018 at 5:00 pm
​Annual General Meeting ​15 June 2018

To learn more about CDSBC's Board, visit our Board page.
Questions? Contact Evelyn Chen at 604-736-3621 (or 1-800-663-9169).